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MHB Indonesia (Banten, Indonesia)

We, MHB Indonesia are companies engaged in the Forklift and Spare Parts industry. We are in the city of Tangerang.

We sell and rent quality products, provide parts, and service. Our services include a full warranty for all parts.

Our products have been tested for quality and excellence so they can be relied on for your industry.


Memberikan produk forklift dan suku cadangnya berkualitas dan terbaik kepada pelanggan


Memprioritaskan kepuasaan pelanggan kami secara konsisten


PT. MHB Indonesia merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang penjualan forklift dan suku cadangnya, rental dan servis forklift. Kami jual Electric Forklift, Forklift Hyster, Ban Forklift berbagai ukuran, Fork Forklift dan Forklift bekas.



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