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Second Forklift

Sell Used Forklifts in Jakarta

Forklifts are conveyances that are widely used in factories, garments, or warehousing. Forklifts with diesel and gasoline fuel are usually used outdoors. And it is used to move items in the form of vehicles and can also be like transportation.

We have various models and forklift haulage capacity. We have new products for sale and we also provide forklift rental services. The products we sell include:

Hyster Forklift MHB 070
Forklifts Hyster MHB 092
MHB 103 Hyster Forklift
MHB 102 Hyster Forklift
MHB 110 Hyster Forklift
MHB 141 Hyster forklift

MHB Indonesia is the most complete, cheapest forklift distributor with the best quality. In addition we also provide the best and most complete used forklifts that have become the choice of consumers for all needs. Buy used forklifts at cheap prices from us with specifications based on size and capacity.

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